My name is Vikram Jammula. I was born in and grew up in India. I am a natural light photographer who works primarily with general photography ranging from people, weddings and models.
My goal is to portray the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people with my skill and art. I look for a sense of defiance and fortitude in my work. I give extreme importance to the person’s own interests and ideas.
I strongly believe in freezing the moment. The only way to freeze time is via photographs. And that is something I am passionate about. Photographs are the only time machine to go back in time. Whether it is a happy moment, sad moment, or any kind of emotional moment, we can capture them through photographs.
I am based in Minneapolis but travel for projects around the US. I shoot a lot of portraiture as well as pre and post wedding shoots. I also make short films along with cinematography and direction too.
I also work with music.